FAQ Manager v$_prog_ver$
Welcome to the FAQ Manager installation program. This program will configure FAQ Manager to run on your server.

WARNING: This program is protected by copyright law and international treaties.

Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this program, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under law.

If you have any questions please contact us:
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Please read the following license agreement carefully. Use the scroll bar to read the entire agreement.

Do you accept all the terms of the preceding license agreement? If so, click the "I Agree", otherwise, click "I Don't Agree" and the program will close.


Please enter your company name (or your name), the domain name of the website $_prog_name$ will be used on, and the Product ID you received with your software.


Company Name  
Domain Name  http://
Product ID 

Important Notice (read carefully):

Your Product ID is PRVL-BHBK-P4ZG-DBMY.

I agree not to install more than one copy of the software and understand that doing so would violate my license agreement.

How many websites is this Product ID being used on? (1-99)

Contact your vendor for information on purchasing additional licenses.

Warning: You may only use your Product ID to install this program on ONE website. Using or allowing your Product ID to be used to install the software multiple times is a violation of your license agreement and may result in your Vendor revoking your license.

Please enter the url to the directory where FAQ Manager's images can be found. Click "Test" to check if the images can be found.

Images URL  

If you can see the image below then the image URL is setup correctly. If you see a broken image or no image at all then the server either can't find or can't display the images.

TIP: Some servers won't display images in the /cgi-bin/ directory. If you've installed the program under /cgi-bin/ try uploading all the image files to another directory such as "/cgi-images/" and change the images url to point there "http://www.yourserver.com/cgi-images/".

$_prog_name$ also needs to know the path to the directory you wish to publish files to:

Publish Directory  

Please select a username and password and write them down in a safe place. If you forget your username and password you will need to re-install the program.


Admin Username 
Admin Password 

Once you have created your username and password click "Finish" and login to the program.

Installation cancelled.